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5 Software to Reveal Asterisk Hidden Password

5 Software to Reveal Asterisk Hidden Password

If you are the one who prefer to have different accounts online for different needs then I am sure you would be having lots of accounts for personal emails, official emails, messengers etc. And if you are a person who spent your maximum time online then you would be using lots of useful online tools.

Remembering password of so many accounts is difficult but if you have saved your password in your browser then you can reveal any password which is seen in asterisk (*****). Here are such software which can reveal the password behind the asterisk.

Asterisk Key:

This is one of the most popular software to reveal asterisk passwords. Asterisk is so easy and user-friendly that there is no surprise that people prefer to use it. You just need to open the program for which you need the password and click on “Recover” and you are done. It also provides you multilingual option for recovering passwords.

Worth Reading:

MessenPass can recover all popular messengers including Gtalk, Digsby, Yahoo messenger, Windows live messenger, MSN messenger, AOL, Trillian, MySpace IM and more. The best part as soon as you will start MessenPass, it will automatically detect the messenger and displays the password by decrypting it.

Show Password:

It is a simple and quick way to find hidden password in aksterisks. Just open the tab or window having the password to be recovered, move the mouse cursor to it and you will get the password in characters. You can also set the password and set it in hidden asterisk for security.

Password Viewer:

Password Viewer is portable executable thus don’t require any installation. To reveal the hidden password, you need to just need to click on “Hand” icon and drag that to the password input field in browser. As soon as you will drag, it will provide you the character in the password box.

Password Spectator:

Password Spectator is quick to install. To reveal hidden asterisk password with Password Spectator you just need to open the browser/tab having the password you want to reveal and then press and hold the ctrl Key. Now move the mouse to mouse to password box and press the left mouse button.

If you are the one who often forget your password then don’t forget to try above software and if you are using any other software do share with us.

Hidden password:

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    How to Find a Windows Hidden Password

    How to Find a Windows Hidden Password

    Promoted by

    Utilize the Free Hidden Password Viewer utility to find a hidden password on your Windows operating system (see Resources). Created by Software Development India, this freeware will help you unmask hidden passwords on an extensive list of websites, programs and software products like Gmail, Yahoo. Outlook Express and MSN, plus you will be able to find these passwords on Internet browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefoox, Netscape and Opera. This freeware is compatible with Windows 98, XP, Vista and Windows 7. To begin using this software, click the "Download from rbytes" link displayed on the Rbytes page and follow the personalized prompts to enable the software on your system.

    Administer Password Viewer 1.4 on your Windows computer to reveal a hidden password you forgot (see Resources). This freeware is compatible with all Windows operating systems and will allow you to take a peek at all password edit fields on different programs. With Password Viewer 1.4 you will also be able to find hidden passwords on Internet Explorer when you visit a website where you have a login account. To administer this freeware and find the hidden password you need, click the "Download" link displayed in blue font on the upper region of the page, just below the "Password Viewer 1.4" title. When redirected, click the "Click to Download" link featured next to "Server 1" and follow the personalized downloading prompts.

    Operate the IE Asterisk Password Recovery software to find a hidden password in your Windows operating system (see Resources). This free software utility allows you to see passwords that are being hidden and protected behind asterisks. To begin operating this product, click the "Download" link displayed on the left side of the page, below where it says "Pro version is available in SpotAuditor," click the "Save File" tab on the pop-up box titled "Opening IEAstRecover.exe" and follow the personalized prompts. This freeware utility is compatible with Windows 2000, XP and 2003.

    Easily Reveal Hidden Passwords In Any Browser

    Easily Reveal Hidden Passwords In Any Browser

    If you use autofill for your passwords in your browser of choice then you know it's easy to forget what your password is. As it turns out, tech blog Digital Inspiration shows off how to easily reveal these passwords using the developer tools.

    Whether you us a password manager like LastPass. or you just let your browser store your passwords, your browser will always block the password box from passersby seeing it by using asterisks. To remove the mask and reveal your password, you just need to do a few things.

    Right-click the password box and select "Inspect Element." This brings up the developer console. On the line that starts with "input type=password" change the word "password" to "text." This will reveal your password. While you can always pop into your browsers menu screen to look up saved passwords (or into your LastPass profile), this is a far quicker way to see your hidden passwords.

    Unhide passwords, show hidden passwords, website passwords

    A Simple Way To See Passwords Hidden Behind Asterisks

    Jul 30 2010

    This is a nice piece of work..and something that I need to remember. Many thanks to http://www.computingunleashed.com/recover-passwords-behind-asterisks.html .

    For some reason if you don’t remember the password used to login to your google accounts or any other, and want to get back the hidden password, there is an easy way to view those passwords hidden behind the asterisk (*) characters.

    You might have given the option to save the password for that particular site when your browser asked, the first time while entering the user name and password while logging in. The browser will automatically display the password if you have saved it before and you only need to press the login button. But if you need to know / don’t remember the password that is hidden behind the asterisk characters here is dead simple way to see those passwords quickly.

    For firefox users, there’s always the option to see saved passwords. But this trick is far more simple than that and works on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Netscape, Safari and Opera. Here’s what you have to do.

    Visit the login screen of the desired website.

    The browser will automatically shown the passwords in the fields, but will be hidden with the asterisks characters.

    Now, Copy and paste the following code in your address bar and press enter.

    The password will now be shown in a small window.

    Tip: Always note down the important passwords of your online accounts in a piece of paper and keep it safely. Never leave the passwords for the browsers to remember.

    Super Asterisk Password Viewer Download

    Displays hidden passwords on web page, dialog or dial-up boxes, and offers support for numerous platforms, such as FTP and email services

    Super Asterisk Password Viewer is an easy-to-use program that shows you lost or forgotten passwords that have been recorded by the system.

    The setup procedure is quick and simple, and does not require special attention from the user. Once it finishes, you should run Super Asterisk Password Viewer with administrative rights if you're using newer operating systems.

    The interface is based on a single window with a very plain layout, where you can use the left mouse button to drag a magnifier and drop it onto a password hidden under asterisks. The primary panel shows its value, along with the class name and window handle.

    Furthermore, you can ask Super Asterisk Password Viewer to reveal the ADSL password, including dial-up and account names. There are no other notable options available through this tool. Although you cannot save the passwords to file, you can copy them via the global copy function in the context menu.

    The application uses low CPU and memory, so it doesn't slow down performance. However, its interface needs some major improvements in the visual department. Thanks to its intuitive layout and overall simplicity, novices can easily figure out how to use Super Asterisk Password Viewer.

    Show a hidden password

    This application allow to view the passwords which are hidden under asteriks. If you find any textbox with invisible password (asterisks instead characters), the password may be easily revealed by this tool - just execute it and move the mouse cursor over the textbox.

    For example, you have the some program with password line: your mail accounts, personal code for private folder, login in network or Window login.

    In each these situations the passwords in MS Windows will be hidden and you have no standard way to view the values. You must remember or write somewhere in papers. This is standard method for security.

    It's good because anybody can't use the your passwords. But let imagine that you forgot some password or can't find the paper with written security code. In this situation you must change the password and remember the new one. But you can't change it because before changing you must enter the old value for password. This is the other item in standard security for MS Windows.

    It's good too in 99.99% of cases but the rest 0.01% can be very important to you.

    I was in same situation when I decided to re-install the MS Windows - I couldn't save the passwords for my i-net connections (with dial-up to ISPs) and settings for my mailboxes before deinstallation. My default dialer and mailer do not allow to view the passwords, save to file or copy to clipboard.

    I developed the small program (ShowPW) to hook any standard editbox with asterisk instead password and show the normal value in textbox:

    The new our version allow to show the password in browser (Internet Explorer)

    As extended feature I added the "Set a password!" button and you may change the "decrypted" password and put it back in "hidden" mode with asterisks.

    You can use and deploy this program free without any modifications in archive.

    Note that next OSs supported by ShowPW:

    • Windows 95
    • Windows 98
    • Windows ME
    • Windows NT (v3/v4)
    • Windows 2000
    • Windows XP
    • Windows 2003
    • Vista
    • Windows 7
    • Windows 8
    • Windows 2008
    • Windows 2010

    Unmask Password Tool - Reveal Hidden Behind Asterisks

    Kernel Unmask Password Recovery Tool

    Home ¬ Free Software ¬ Kernel for Password Unmask

    Kernel Password Unmask 1.0 shows and unmasks password of the any Windows 8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/2000/98/NT/95 application or program.

    Kernel Password Unmask 1.0 tool is the efficient software that successfully unmasks passwords of any Windows application or program. It extracts the hidden passwords and displays them before the users for further use. It is completely capable to unmask and reveal the password hidden behind asterisks (***** characters).

    This effective tool is developed with powerful algorithms that make it enable to accurately reveal the password of FTP Client software like CuteFTP, FlashFXP, SmartFTP etc. It unmasks the password and later opens the window containing password in asterisk form. It lets the users easily open the window and it reveals the characters of hidden passwords.

    Kernel Password Unmask 1.0 reveals and unmasks password from program created with any version of Windows including Windows 8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/2000/98/NT/95.

    Hidden Password Viewer

    Hidden Password Viewer

    About Hidden Password Viewer

    Asterisks Password Viewer (KLAstrPwdView.exe). Asterisks Password Viewer is an application that lets you see the actual password hidden behind the Latest updates on everything Hidden Password Software related. Super Asterisk viewer is an most handy program which shows hidden password on dialog or 20 Jun 2013 This version allows to see asterisk and hidden fields. Super Asterisk Password Viewer is a useful program for viewing hidden passwords on webpage, dialog, or dial-up boxes. This tool is capable of showing all the29 Jan 2014 - 2 min - Uploaded by WebPro EducationYou can reveal passwords hidden behind asterisks on webpages in any browser. Google

    This application allows to view the passwords which are hidden by asteriks. If you find a textbox where there are hidden passwords, which will be replaced with Protected Storage Viewer Cached Passwords (for Windows 95/98/ME only)Reveal passwords hidden behind asterisks (bullets) Disk Cleanup; Disk Manager; Event Viewer; Group Policy; Enable/Disable Hibernation; Local Users and