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MacOS MPlayer OSX Extended – rev11

[MacOS] MPlayer OSX Extended – rev11

MPlayer OSX Extended – это доведенный до ума (неофициально) MPlayer OSX, который последние годы пратически не обновлялся, MPlayer OSX Extended пытается это изменить, добавляя много полезного и необходимого в медиаплейер.

MPlayer OSX Extended в себя включает:

Что нового в версии:

* New icon by mar2o

* Fullscreen improvements:

o Option to black out other screens while in fullscreen

o Don’t hide player window to allow using it on a second screen

o Check that fullscreen controls are never placed off-screen

o Don’t hide menu bar except when going fullscreen on main screen

* Interface improvements:

o Enable volume changing and seeking with the scroll wheel

o Allow player window to be dragged by clicking on the video

o Additional option for on-top while playing only

o Allow overriding pre-defined file types (drop-down in open dialog, hold command while dragging file on window)

o Add encoding selection to open subtitle dialog

o Update cache slider range to 256MB and allow higher values to be entered in the text box

* Switch to new MPlayer build style with shared libraries (saves 17MB or 36%)

* Add log rotation to avoid MPlayerOSX.log getting unreasonably huge

* Add BS2B audio filter (to simulate speakers through headphones for a more natural listening experience)

* Bugfixes:

o Fixed a crash when going to fullscreen

o Fix occasional volume “leak” at the start of a movie

o Fix a problem with preferences window not closing

o On-top now doesn’t place the window above menus

o Fix a memory leak in the video output (patch by mpx-trax AT the-color-black.net)

o Fix MPlayer being marked as unresponsive and spindump on Leopard eating CPU time

Mplayer osx:

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    Mplayer osx

    Installing MPlayer OSX

    Software name : MPlayer OSX

    Software version used for this installation : 1.0 rc2 [ MPlayer-dev-SVN-090416-01.dmg ]

    Operating System use for this installation : Mac OS X 10.5.7

    Recommended Hardware : 200 Mhz processor (CPU) minimum

    NOTE. As of June 2009, the default MPlayer OSX doesnt work with Jubler - see this forum post - http://jubler.org/smf/index.php?topic=126.0 If MPlayer OSX doesnt work for you, you can use unofficial dmg packages downloaded from http://www.haque.net/software/mplayer/mplayerosx/builds/

    Also, even with this latest version of Mplayer OSX, you may not see the Video Preview and Audio Waveform Preview - see this forum post - http://jubler.org/smf/index.php?topic=126.0 After you have successfully installed Jubler, you will need to go to the Applications folder, CTRL+click on the Jubler icon and select 'Get Info'. Inside this screen, select the 'Open in 32 Bit Mode' checkbox.

    Basically, You need to install the previous rc version of MPlayer. it can be downloaded from http://www.mplayerhq.hu/MPlayer/releases/ The name that you are looking for is MPlayerOSX_1.0rc1.dmg

    We want to select a version from the "HTTP" column. The choices in the columns reflect ways of downloading the files - it is not necessary to understand the difference between HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol ) and FTP (File Transfer Protocol ) and BT (Bittorrent ) - just choose the 'HTTP' column.

    Choose the second from the bottom, download line which reads "Mplayer1.0rc.2 outdated" (the name may alter slightly as a new version may be available by the time you read this). The link for me was http://www.mplayerhq.hu/MPlayer/releases/MPlayerOSX_1.0rc2.dmg

    I am using the Firefox browser and so I see this.

    Click 'OK' to start downloading MPlayer. In the Download window for Firefox, I see:

    You may see something slightly different depending on what browser you use.

    After the download has completely finished the MPlayer Disk Image should open automatically. That is, the following screen should open up:

    Now drag and drop the 'Mplayer OSX' icon into the 'Applications' icon, under the PLACES heading.

    A progress bar will appear while the application is being copied. After that finishes, move to the Applications folder, like so:

    You should be able to find 'MPlayer OSX' now in Applications, like so:

    Doubleclick the 'MPlayer OSX' icon to start MPlayer. Since this is the first time it has run, you will see a warning like so:

    If you trust the application, you should click Open to start MPlayer. You should then see:

    At this stage, MPlayer OSX is successfully installed.

    MPlayer OSX Extended for Mac

    MPlayer OSX Extended 1511

    What's New

    Changes in revision 15:

    Note: An early build accidentally only included 64bit support. An updated build with 32bit support has been published, you only need to redownload if you need 32bit support.

    This updated requires OS X 10.6 and an Intel processor. OS X 10.5 and PPC are no longer supported.

    • Add option to open files in either new or frontmost window, optionally reusing idle windows when possible.
    • Updated help (big thanks to Bilal Hussain!).
    • Add menu items to play previous/next episode (Bilal Hussain).
    • Add menu item to reset the volume.
    • Improved support for multichannel audio.
    • Updated file type and preferences icons (thanks to Bilal Hussain and Yummygum).


    • The App is now code-signed for Mountain Lion and Mavericks.
    • Add proxy icon to window title (Bilal Hussain)
    • Inspector title is now a label - double click to edit.
    • Improved inspector layout (Johan Lundstrom).
    • Better skip icons in player window (Johan Lundstrom).
    • Use 00:00:00 for undefined timestamps instead of xx:xx:xx (Johan Lundstrom).
    • Only show the application name in the title bar if no file is open (Dako).
    • Add fit to screen window sizing option to menu as well (Dako).
    • Auto-detect number of output channels of current audio device, add option to override.
    • Add support for more default MPlayer keybindings.
    • Try to play files even if extension is missing or unknown.
    • Cleaned up file types and type descriptions (Bilal Hussain).
    • Use BT.709 color matrix for HD video (Stefano Pigozzi).
    • Make ontop option a toggle and split off "only while playing", allowing to make a menu command to toggle ontop.
    • Application size down 38% by dropping PPC support, removing unnecessary libraries and only needing one MPlayer binary now that FFmpeg-MT has been merged.
    • Fix menu bar not disappearing in Mavericks in some cases.
    • Work around exception when opening the open panel.
    • Fix blank open dialog and fullscreen scrubbing bar flicker.
    • Fix andimprove sleep prevention (allow sleep when playing only audio or while paused).
    • Keep window on screen when resizing using the menu commands.
    • Fix video size not matching actual display size of video.
    • Fix blacking windows not having the same window level as the main window.
    • Fix MPlayer and OS X channel layouts not matching for multichannel audio.
    • Fix volume being reset after changing audio tracks.
    • Fix playing VIDEO_TS folders with a dash in their path.
    • Fix audio stream cycling using the '#' key.
    • Fix some preferences items not prompting for playback restart.
    • Fix subtitle scale set in inspector being applied incorrectly (Johan Lundstrom).

    New MPlayer build from 10. November 2013 (r36505)

    • FFmpeg-MT has been merged into main FFmpeg! No longer separate binaries for the two.
    • Set up build system from scratch and removed lots of libraries. Now using system libraries where possible, removed features should be covered by ffmpeg.
    • Includes support for 10bit h264.
    • Fix for AC3 and DTS passthrough.

    MPlayer OSX Extended (hu.mplayerhq.mplayerosx.extended) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of Software.com. The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is MPlayer OSX Extended 1511. The most popular version of this application used by our users is MPlayer OSX Extended 1.0 rev7 .

    CCCP on Mac OS X

    CCCP on Mac OS X

    This page contains all information you will ever need to know regarding CCCP support for the Apple-inclined. There is no such thing as CCCP for Mac OS X, nor will there ever be, but all codecs are implemented in some shape or form on OS X - this page outlines perciely how to use them.

    CCCP on Mac OS X

    There is no version of CCCP for Mac, and there never will be. This is a rather negative disposition, but the fact of the matter is that it's simply impossible to port.

    CCCP is essentially a collection of filters for Microsoft's DirectShow - a technology that allows all video players on your computer share a common library of audio and video decoders, splitters, renderers, and even more. Many popular players implement DirectShow, as opposed to containing their own decoder, thus CCCP fills a much needed position for those who use these DirectShow players. Otherwise, there are self-contained players (e.g, non-DirectShow players, like MPlayer) available for Windows that can play about all files CCCP can, and possibly some more (mostly obscure formats) that CCCP cannot.

    Mac OS X has a similar system involving QuickTime, but that's irrelevant. Unlike Windows, with a wide variety of user preferences and players, VLC and MPlayer are the two most overwhelmingly popular players on OS X. These two self-contained players have near or on-par codec support as CCCP when used correctly, thus there is no need for CCCP on the Mac platform.

    Media Players MPlayer OSX Extended ( Good Player )

    An up-to-date build of MPlayer designed to work beautifully on Mac OS X. Supports all major formats, including (but by no means limited to) H.264. Xvid. AAC and Vorbis audio, Matroska containers (with the ability to select from multiple audio and/or subtitle tracks on-the-fly) and one of the best ASS softsub implementations that can be found on a Mac. And, unlike VLC and other MPlayer builds, it doesn't require any configuration - it just works. Not to be confused with MPlayer OS X (see below).

    NOTE: The first time MPlayer OSX Extended plays something, it will appear to hang for a few seconds before playback begins. This is normal: fontconfig automatically builds a cache when you use MPlayer for the first time. It shouldn't do this more than once.

    MPlayer OS X ( Bad/Evil )

    An ancient build of MPlayer wrapped in an ugly interface with poor settings that won't support many of today's files. Avoid at all costs. Not to be confused with MPlayer OSX Extended (see above).

    Perian ( Good but handicapped by QuickTime )

    Perian is not a player, but a collection of open-source QuickTime plug-ins, and enables viewing of a large number of unsupported formats and containers such as Matroska (but not OGM ) in OS X's built-in QuickTime Player (see below). The project is relatively recent and has seen major updates every four to six months, and is perhaps the most promising Mac playback tool. If you're using Mac OS X v10.5 Leopard, Perian also enables Quick Look for its supported formats, so it's worth installing even if you don't use the QuickTime Player.

    NOTE: Perian cannot play Windows Media files. If you want native WMV/WMA support in Mac OS X, you'll need to download Flip4Mac's Windows Media Components for QuickTime from http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsmedia/player/wmcomponents.mspx.

    QuickTime Player ( Acceptable (with Perian installed) )

    The built-in media player on Mac OS X. On its own, it's pretty useless; most popular containers and video formats are left unsupported. Perian (see above) can fix this. But even with Perian installed, QuickTime will take a long time to load MKV files and there doesn't seem to be any support for switching between multiple subtitle tracks. Install Perian by all means — it'll work with most modern video files, and you'll get the aforementioned Quick Look support as an added bonus — but there is a better option. (See MPlayer OSX Extended above.)

    VLC is weird or evil in many ways. We recommend avoiding it and its strange conventions/capabilities.

    Mplayer osx

    MPlayer OSX Extended Build Instructions

    The project can be built using either XCode 3 or 4. Make sure you've got the dependencies below and then you should be able to compile MPE directly with XCode.


    MPE requires my Sparkle Fork. It adds updating separate bundles without a restart, used in MPE for updating its binary bundles with Sparkle.

    Fontconfig & Freetype

    It's best to use the same Fontconfig and Freetype versions as used in the binary bundle. The default setup links to the libraries inside the mpextended.mpBinaries bundle in the binaries folder. The easiest way to get that is download the latest (test) version of MPE and extracting the binary bundle form " MPlayer OSX Extened.app/Contents/Resources/Binaries ".

    Note. I've reorganized the bundle after the FFMpeg-MT merge and haven't released a test version with it yet. For now it's probably best to link to the system Fontconfig and Freetype libraries.

    On Lion use the system's libiconv.2. On Snow Leopard the system's libiconv.2 is not new enough (Version 8 is required) so install libiconv using for example homebrew or macports, then link to it.

    Best Media Player Apps For Mac OS X

    Best Media Player Apps For Mac OS X

    by Robin C Last Updated On: January 8, 2015 2 Comments

    Best Media Player Apps For Mac OS X

    Media players are the applications used to play audio and video files on your computer. When it comes to OS X. it has an inbuilt media player called iTunes, which helps in playing Music. Videos. Podcasts. etc. Even though iTunes is a best media player and comes with Mac by default, it supports few types of media file formats. Especially in videos there are plenty of file formats available, so you can’t use iTunes to play all your videos. In that case you may go for an audio converter or video converter for Mac to change the format of the file to play in iTunes. For one or two files, converters are fine but you can’t sit and convert all the time. So you need a good media player for mac to support most of the audio and video file formats.

    Even though the quality of the video depends on the file format it also depends on the quality of your media player. So today we are going to discuss about five different media players for Mac. which supports wide range of audio and video file formats and gives a best visual experience in your Mac. Let’s have a look at the apps below.

    VLC is one of the most famous and widely used media player across various platforms. It’s an open source application and it supports most of the audio and video file formats that we use today. Incase of file damage, VLC media player for mac can automatically fix the issue. You can use your magic mouse or track pad to control the volume of VLC easily just by simple up and down swiping. You may also forward and reverse the video playback with left and right swiping. Volume can be increased upto 400%, similar to windows version, but it is not advisable for all the speaker models. This can damage your laptop or desktop speakers when you go beyond 200% of VLC media player volume limit.

    Download VLC for mac now and experience the best video playback on your OS X powered computer.

    DIVX 7 ($19.99)

    DIVX 7 is a premium media player for Mac. It is a best media player and gives a true HD experience in your Mac. If you are having an iMac or 27-inch thunderbolt display, you should have DIVX 7 in your Mac for extraordinary movie experience. It supports .mkv file format and H.264, AAC files from the internet. Also it supports quick time movie files (.mov ) and other popular audio and video file formats. It gives you a complete cinematic experience with desktop dimmer and windows fade features. You can easily fast forward and rewind the video using mouse gestures (swiping left and right). It is one of the powerful media players for Mac.

    MPlayer OSX Extended

    Mplayer OSX Extended is an open source media player which supports all the popular audio and video file formats. It is the successor of a project called MPlayer OSX and has the features of two famous open source projects called FFMPEG and MPlayer. It supports the instant playback of MKV and HD H.264 files on your Mac. Also it has an option to show the subtitles in advanced AAC style format, which will give you a better movie experience when you watch other language movies.

    Real Player ($4.95/month)

    Real player is a very famous media player for Windows and Mac. It is more than a media player which has plenty of options to view movies and TV shows online from the application itself. Also you have options to connect your Smartphone with the application and transfer videos between each other. You can easily download the videos you watch on YouTube and other video sharing sites directly from the application. Initially you will get 14-days trial version after that you need to subscribe on a monthly basis to enjoy all the features.

    MPlayerX is one of the advanced media player for Mac OS X. It supports all the popular audio and video file formats. In MPlayerX you don’t need to do the encode conversion for the subtitles, it will automatically detect the encode settings and convert it. It has multi-monitor support, which allows you run the application in two different monitors. Also you can control the app through Apple Remote (if you have an Apple TV). If you are watching a TV show from this application, it will automatically find the next episode. So you can enjoy the entire TV show with just one click. You can download this application from the Mac App store for free.

    These are the five different media players. which gives you an excellent audio and video experience in your Mac OS X. Try your favorite applications on Mac and share your experience with us in the comment box. Thanks for reading. Have a great day.

    MPlayer OSX Extended и VLC обновились

    MPlayer OSX Extended и VLC обновились

    Поделиться ВКонтакте

    Пользователи компьютеров Mac наконец получили обновленную версию медиаплеера MPlayer OSX Extended (13 модификация). В рамках обновления был переработан интерфейс плеера, окна параметров и инспектора, внедрены интерактивные аудио- и видеоэквалайзеры и поддержка запуска нескольких независимых плееров одновременно. Кроме этого в обновлении включены и другие небольшие новшества, плюс исправлены некоторые ошибки в работе. Новый плеер объемом в 21 МБ требует операционную систему Mac OS X 10.5 или выше.

    Кроме того, выпущено обновление версии 1.0.5 универсального медиаплеера VLC. Оно включает улучшенную поддержку нового алюминиевого пульта дистанционного управления Apple Remote, плюс обновлены кодеки и увеличена скорость декодирования. Это обновление в 30,6 МБ (19,5 МБ для Mac на базе процессора Intel) также требует установленной на компьютере Mac операционной системы Mac OS X 10.5 или более поздних версий.

    Больше всего, конечно, порадовал апдейт VLC (напомню, что проект столкнулся с нехваткой Mac-разработчиков). Вспоминается знаменитое высказывание Марка Твена: «Слухи о моей смерти сильно преувеличены».

    MPlayer OSX Extended rev9 (Mac) free download

    MPlayer OSX Extended rev9 MPlayer OSX Extended

    Although MPlayer is one of the most popular and best looking players for Mac and Linux, it's not exactly the most feature rich media player out there.

    MPlayer OSX Extended is one developers attempt to redesign the GUI and add new and more powerful features that out MPlayer on a level with other players of its ilk. These include a host of new features such as many ore video filter options (such as Postprocessing, Deinterlacing etc), support for styled ASS subtitles and audio and video equalizers.

    It also now includes a function for taking screenshots in MPlayer which means that you can take shots of individual frames and scenes. However, it seems a result of bloating it with these features has slowed down MPlayer a little meaning it takes more time to open movies and files. However, this isn't enough to take away from the fact that this is a considerably improved MPlayer.

    Easy to use, packed with features and still the great looking app it's always been, MPlayer OSX Extended is a definite improvement on the original.